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THRYVE Collective

The concept of THRYVE Collective was born purely of heart and a need to pay it forward and help other small business owners elevate themselves, their stories and their crafted goods. We are so fortunate to have this busy website and community profile. We feel it is our absolute responsibility to do all we can […]


Ahh Community is EVERYTHING! You grow, we grow. To support you best we need to stay a step ahead of what is around the corner so that we can have your back and allow you to get busy growing your business. As you can see, we like to walk our talk by choosing like-minded and […]


It became apparent as we progressed and grew Microblade Canada that many of you have needs that extend beyond microblading and permanent makeup products – you are not only PMU artists, but make-up artists, lash extension and lift technicians, and full-service estheticians. HYVE Beauty is intended to encompass all aspects of your professionals’ needs, both […]


Our passion for industry and artist growth has always come out in everything we did with Microblade Canada. With HYVE Beauty you can expect even more. We will continue to work very hard each day to provide exceptional personalized customer service and offer educated support and advice where we can. We are dedicated to constantly […]

Who are we?

As HYVE Beauty we are proud to offer the best in microblading, permanent makeup and now lash extension supplies and beauty products, amongst other things to come! Our philosophy begins with and remains in supporting both artistic and commercial growth for our customers, by selecting and providing only the best quality products and offering the […]