The concept of THRYVE Collective was born purely of heart and a need to pay it forward and help other small business owners elevate themselves, their stories and their crafted goods. We are so fortunate to have this busy website and community profile. We feel it is our absolute responsibility to do all we can to help others succeed to build their dreams too. THRYVE is collective of makers, artisans, and hand & heart crafters, each joyfully willing to share their stories, processes and goods with the world! We hand-select and invest in each of the THRYVE artist we choose.

We intend to carefully curate a lovely selection of exceptional goods for you to purchase, knowing you are directly helping another creative soul show up in this world to create beauty in their way of expressing it!

If you are interested in applying or seek more information on this initiative a THRYVE Artist application form and more in-depth information will be available on the THRYVE Collective page mid-May.