Ahh Community is EVERYTHING! You grow, we grow. To support you best we need to stay a step ahead of what is around the corner so that we can have your back and allow you to get busy growing your business. As you can see, we like to walk our talk by choosing like-minded and like-hearted business partners to collaborate with. This is where the magic happens.

In the spirit of true community and in full embrace of everything that means beauty, confidence, wellness and self-care, we are overjoyed to invite you to HYVE Society. We are a gathering place, collective of passionate beauty professionals committed to being part of building and sustaining community, and to help redefine the meaning of TRUE beauty.

HYVE is a place where equality, equity, inclusivity, and support are truly paramount in everything we do. As aspiring beauty industry leaders we believe it is our joyful duty to invite everyone to join in the spirit of HYVE Society. We commit to doing everything we creatively can do to inspire this in everyone. Community over competition always. And we are just getting started.

It became apparent as we progressed and grew Microblade Canada that many of you have needs that extend beyond microblading and permanent makeup products – you are not only PMU artists, but make-up artists, lash extension and lift technicians, and full-service estheticians. HYVE Beauty is intended to encompass all aspects of your professionals’ needs, both material and supportive. We have delicately re-branded to evolve into your sole, all-inclusive source for essentials. We are now not only everything microblading and permanent makeup supplies, but we are now also everything lashes, lash extensions, and all manner of beauty supplies. And we will continue to grow.

Our passion for industry and artist growth has always come out in everything we did with Microblade Canada. With HYVE Beauty you can expect even more. We will continue to work very hard each day to provide exceptional personalized customer service and offer educated support and advice where we can. We are dedicated to constantly educating ourselves and seeking out the best quality beauty products, and like-minded partners to collaborate with. You can always count on us for our signature handwritten thank you notes in your order along with an indulgent little treat or two. We aim always to give you both a full-on HYVE-five and e-hug filled with encouragement and gratitude.

As HYVE Beauty we are proud to offer the best in microblading, permanent makeup and now lash extension supplies and beauty products, amongst other things to come! Our philosophy begins with and remains in supporting both artistic and commercial growth for our customers, by selecting and providing only the best quality products and offering the best possible, sustainable pricing.

We are focused on creating and facilitating a collective of beauty business professionals who sincerely want to uplift, support, and mentor one another, hone their craft and foster true community. We aim to keep our prices approachable to help encourage this healthy growth and help build a strong community within and among professionals. We are here to both support and help you grow every aspect of your beauty business Queen Bee.

Same passionate Microblade Canada team you’ve come to know and love, with more products, more AH-MAZING collaborations and HUGELY inclusive community-focussed programs. MORE OF US AND MORE LOVE & HONEY TO COME!

We proudly welcome you to HYVE Society.