Microblade Canada to HYVE Beauty: Humble Beginnings

The Buzz
Well holy CRAP.  I still can’t believe we are HYVE Beauty now. It seems like we have been Microblade Canada for such a long time. This has been a huge and exciting shift for our entire team and our customers. It has been both exhilarating and terrifying.  We believe in this new brand, our ever-evolving company and all of our upcoming community-focused programs SO DAMN MUCH. The very cool (and moderately overwhelming thing is, that we are just getting started. There is soooo very much to come! I honestly could not be more proud and grateful to you for choosing us.
I remember getting sling shot out of my mediocre 3 day Microblading training class in 2016 with absolutely no support. I felt completely alone and overwhelmed. Because of my 20+ years in Marketing and product development, I remember thinking in class the supplies looked cheap and were yet obscenely expensive. That class inspired me to go home and convince my husband that we needed to step into the industry with the intention of providing quality products, value and support. We didn’t have a ton of money but we did have a dream and a purpose and that’s really all we needed to get started. Since day one we have always done what we can to help any new PMU artists feeling the way I did, and we always will.
Looking back it seems like yesterday Microblade Canada went live. It was January 4th, 2017 the day we invited you to meet our baby Microblade Canada PMU shop. We were so excited and nervous! We started with a whopping forty-six Microblading products. For over a year and a half I stayed up very late most nights hand writing each and every thank you card, that was after I lovingly packed all orders myself. It was and is still SO important to me – it was legit HARD for me to hand this off to Eryca our WONDERFUL warehouse manager, but MAN OH MAN her notes legitimately put mine to SHAME. Another important aspect to me from day one was demonstrating gratitude and the giving of thoughtful gifts! So out went our packages, wrapped in royal purple tissue and gift bags bursting with goodies all stemming from our first logo: our hand drawn purple and gold lotus logo.

A bit of a story about our very first logo: we chose the lotus for purity and beauty. Gold was to signify quality, care and elevation. Purple for integrity and trust but for reals mostly for my Grams. My grandma was tiny, feisty and French. She told the truth, she loved the Toronto Blue Jays, cribbage, Elvis, soap operas, knitting bunny sweaters, and…you guessed it, the colour purple. Her name was Fern and I love very very much and think of her so often. Thanks Grams!


2017 was a pretty huge year for us. We started a business AND got married. What a bunch of lunatics! Towards the end of that year, our business was levelling up and our branding needed to as well. I wanted something more classy and a bit bad assy. The BIG bonus: buying so freaking much Rose Gold jewelry as thank you gifts! Towards the end of our first year, we modernized our look and went fully to Black and Rose Gold. I loved it and still love it SO DAMN MUCH. If you’ve ordered from us before, you’ve likely received my business card and you’ll be familiar with one of my heart mottos: A Candle Loses Nothing By Lighting Another.

Damn Straight.


The quality of friendships, partnerships and connections we have made in this industry has been incredible. The BEST part: we have witnessed so many of you set aside your fears, working your butts off to turn your side hustles into real live DREAM jobs! IT HAS BEEN SO FREAKING AWESOME TO WITNESS. We are truly honoured to be a part of your becoming. We are TRULY so damn grateful that you are part of ours.

It has been pretty joyful for us to earn your trust, confidence and in many cases, friendship. Entering into this industry I knew we needed to show up and provide true and real value.  I wanted to ensure we provided reliable, intelligent and approachable assistance for every one of our customers. Great pricing of course, innovative quality products shipped with care and personal touches.

Well friends, by you choosing us and recommending us, you’ve told us how you feel about how we are showing up. Also the messages, reviews and phone calls we get are positively MIND BLOWING & HEART EXPANDING. We were jazzed right up and so mid last year we got serious about our intentions to build even more community, and we began to plan our bold moves forward. HYVE Beauty exists because of you, and that’s pretty rad. If you’d like to check out some pretty sweet BIOS on our our ever-growing team, please click HERE.

There’s so much more to this story and if you’re interested let me know. I’ll likely share regardless because that’s apparently how this blog thing works. I have made a lot of mistakes and much to my husband’s chagrin, I will likely share those too. If even one person can avoid making a misstep that I have already THOROUGHLY explored, then that is AWESOME. This is how we can all grow together. I hope you come back, I’d like to share and learn about you too. I am excited to connect, I am open. Thanks for reading and being a part of this.

And oh YES! If you haven’t already please check out our shiny new store! We have really expanded beyond permanent makeup and microblading into traditional tattoo, henna, eyelash extensions and beauty supplies.

Please click HERE to visit our store now, we’d appreciate the feedback! And…we have extended ourcole9796

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With BIG Gratitude & a HYVEFive to you!

To the Moon Together! xo AR.