Welcome To Our HYVE

Who We Are

As HYVE Beauty we are proud to offer the best in microblading, permanent makeup, and now lash extension supplies and beauty products, among other things to come! Our philosophy begins with and remains in supporting both artistic and commercial growth for our customers, by selecting and providing only the best quality products and offering the best possible, sustainable pricing.

We are focused on creating and facilitating a collective of beauty business professionals who sincerely want to uplift, support, and mentor one another, hone their craft and foster true community. We aim to keep our prices approachable to help encourage this healthy growth and help build a strong community within and among professionals. We are here to both support and help you grow every aspect of your beauty business Queen Bee.

Same passionate Microblade Canada team you’ve come to know and love, with more products, more AH-MAZING collaborations and HUGELY inclusive community-focused programs. MORE OF US AND MORE LOVE & HONEY TO COME!

We proudly welcome you to HYVE Society.


Our passion for industry and artist growth has always come out in everything we did with Microblade Canada. With HYVE Beauty you can expect even more. We will continue to work very hard each day to provide exceptional personalized customer service and offer educated support and advice where we can. We are dedicated to constantly educating ourselves and seeking out the best quality beauty products, and like-minded partners to collaborate with. You can always count on us for our signature handwritten thank you notes in your order along with an indulgent little treat or two. We aim always to give you both a full-on HYVE-five and e-hug filled with encouragement and gratitude.


Ahh Community is EVERYTHING! You grow, we grow. To support you best we need to stay a step ahead of what is around the corner so that we can have your back and allow you to get busy growing your business. As you can see, we like to walk our talk by choosing like-minded and like-hearted business partners to collaborate with. This is where the magic happens.

In the spirit of true community and in full embrace of everything that means beauty, confidence, wellness and self-care, we are overjoyed to invite you to HYVE Society. We are a gathering place, collective of passionate beauty professionals committed to being part of building and sustaining community, and to help redefine the meaning of TRUE beauty.

HYVE is a place where equality, equity, inclusiveness, and support are truly paramount in everything we do. As aspiring beauty industry leaders we believe it is our joyful duty to invite everyone to join in the spirit of HYVE Society. We commit to doing everything we creatively can do to inspire this in everyone. Community over competition always. And we are just getting started.


It became apparent as we progressed and grew Microblade Canada that many of you have needs that extend beyond microblading and permanent makeup products – you are not only PMU artists, but make-up artists, lash extension and lift technicians, and full-service estheticians. HYVE Beauty is intended to encompass all aspects of your professionals’ needs, both material and supportive. We have delicately re-branded to evolve into your sole, all-inclusive source for essentials. We are now not only everything microblading and permanent makeup supplies, but we are now also everything lashes, lash extensions, and all manner of beauty supplies. And we will continue to grow.

THRYVE Collective

The concept of THRYVE Collective was born purely of heart and a need to pay it forward and help other small business owners elevate themselves, their stories and their crafted goods. We are so fortunate to have this busy website and community profile. We feel it is our absolute responsibility to do all we can to help others succeed to build their dreams too. THRYVE is collective of makers, artisans, and hand & heart crafters, each joyfully willing to share their stories, processes and goods with the world! We hand-select and invest in each of the THRYVE artist we choose.

We intend to carefully curate a lovely selection of exceptional goods for you to purchase, knowing you are directly helping another creative soul show up in this world to create beauty in their way of expressing it!

If you are interested in applying or seek more information on this initiative, a page for THRYVE will be live by April 12, complete with a THRYVE Artist application form. THRYVE Collective is launching in full at the end April.

The Jive that Drives our HYVE



CEO, Founder & Chief Pollinator

Amanda is head over heels in love with her husband and his beard, her goofy fur babies Indi & Mecca, her lovely ManCub, her family and her INCREDIBLE SQUAD OF BESTIES. She is known for her sick interpretive dance moves, her passionate cheerleading for the underdog and can be spotted fro time to time making art when she can. She is an open book, can be honest to a fault, and will talk about EPIC failures to anyone who will listen. She believe so passionately in the power of connection. She is a FIERCE community champion, conversation igniter, unapologetic market disruptor, and the beating/bleeding heart of HYVE Beauty & THRYVE Collective.



Warehouse Queen Bee & Problem Solver

Eryca basically runs all the stuff. Eryca is a terrifying ninja on a hover board. It is terrifying. Eryca has a pet wolf, a King Shepherd, many goats, chickens, cats, a lumberjack husband and 3 stunningly awesome and supremely delightful daughters. We do not comprehend how she does all of the things so well, but she does. She lives somewhere out in the bush...we think. She has a twisted affinity for curating her Oreo Cookie collection and blasting Gangnam Style, with her kick-ass sidekick Sara (with NO h). In short, Eryca is the BEES KNEES. We do not know what we would do without her. Eryca often likes to say she doesn’t "internets".



COO, Tech Guru & Really Cool Dude

Stu really loves his dogs and his wife (hint: see above). He‘s the gorgeously bearded taller half of this duo. He voraciously devours anything space and technology related and also loves his patchwork hippy pants. Stu is a true wizard with a paddle on open water (he has the reach of an Albatross). Fun fact about Stu: he’s got an AH-MAZING radio voice and once considered a career in music production. Stu is a technology GURU (cough cough NERD) and loves all things technology and design! We have him to thank for this beautiful new website and so much more that he does behind the scenes.



Jill of all Trades, Customer Concierge Team

Lynne is definitely more of a behind the scenes love bug. Legitimately our very first-ever employee since 2017, "Aunty" as she is known around here, does many things for us. She is always there to help when we need her and sometimes she even brings us treats! She is our Jill-of-all-Trades. She lovingly packs most of our jewelry and gift bags as well. She also steps in from time to time to Lead our Customer Concierge team when needed, which thankfully is quite rare. She is pretty damn fab and we are lucky to have her. We really love Aunty and you should too.



Ray O Sunshine, Customer Concierge Team

Tianna is sunshine personified and such a pleasure to work with everyday. And man does she ever work hard! If/when you ever need to reach out to us through Social Media or our Support page, Tianna is likely the first person you will connect with, with her real-life acrobatic/athletic skills, she will legit bend over backwards to help you! Tianna loves her birds, her fish, she loves to dance and would love to star in Shower Karaoke one day! We will cheer you on T!



Queen of the Quill, Smithy of Words

Katie is a self-professed PMU baby who has been in education for 28 years. English is her wheelhouse and divine timing her collided her two worlds to create a perfect storm. In addition to slinging ink, she gets to do what has comes so naturally to her . She says "Joining HYVE feels like going to a sleepover at my best friend’s house. All the love that has come to me in my little boxes of supplies---like, dozens—seriously, means giving it back. Having so much fun being goofy and playing with words is the gig a writer can ask for. I have found my Oracle." We just heart Katie and her way with words!



Hooman Cuddlers & Chief Lunch Inspectors

Indi & Mecca contribute their love, cuddles and bum wags from a distance most days. On occasion they come into the office for pets, to soak up all the affection and to inspect lunches. We like to think of them as our Office therapy dogs. This duo also known as the "Nubs of Need" are the absolute loves of our lives. Truth, they might lover Eryca more, but we will never ever tell.